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        Highly effective in enhancing self reliance, eliminating depression and negative effects from mind, developing proper physical and mental growth.

        No side effects

        Complete Relaxation

        Experienced Physicians

        High quality treatments

        At reasonable price

        Trained Therapists

        We have well qualified, well experienced and efficient Doctors, well trained, service motive and friendly staff.

        We take essential measures to create awareness among public about Ayurveda, its inheritance, benefits and different kinds of treatments.

        We are equipped with Consultation rooms, yoga hall, panchakarma theatre, special rooms for tooth extraction and for Kshara sutra with attached toilets having 24 hours water supply.

We are also attached with Ayurvedic Medical store which provides the required medicines.

         We at Siddhipriya Ayurdhama conduct free Ayurvedic treatment camp on regular basis to maintain health of the society. For the health maintenance of elder persons we celebrate Senior citizen day on every Wednesday on which people above 60 years can get 10% discount on therapy, 20% discount on consultation and Free BP check up.

        We also follow a Unique method of Ayurvedic Immunization called



























Shree Siddhipriya Ayurdhama started to render our services from on 5th March 2010 .

We offer consultations for Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga and Naturopathy, Physio therapy and Psychology.

We also offer classical medical herbal medicines,highly effective therapeutic herbal massage treatments, rejuvenation, panchakarma,  herbal remedies, and health supplements .

At Shree Siddhipriya Ayurdhama.We are providing wide range of Ayurvedic treatments for all chronic diseases,Health maintenance programmes, Rejuvenative Rasayana Therapy and other treatments which includes,  

        iConsultation with Experienced Physicians

        iPanchakarma therapies

        iPainless Tooth extraction by Jalandhara Bandha Yoga

        iKshara sutra Chikitsa for Piles, Fistula, Fissure and other Ano-Rectal disorders

        iObesity management programme

        i Seasonal panchakarma therapies to prevent the diseases

        iGeneral Counseling for Life style modification

        iYoga classes on a regular basis

It is an ancient method with modern standardization, ideal to be adopted during early years of brain development.
0 – 16 years of age group children


    Enhances the skin lustre

    Builds a strong Immune system

    Gift your child the benefits of ancient wisdom of Ayurveda

    We offer Different Ayurvedic therapies such as:


i     Vamana karma (emetic).
i    Virechana karma(purgative)
i    Anuvasana vasti (soothing enema)
i    Nirooha vasti (cleansing enema)
i    Nasya karma (nasal purge)

Other Thrapies

i    Sarvanga abhyanga (Full body massage)
i    Shiro abhyanga (Head massage)
i    Mukha abhyanga (Face massage)
i    Parshwa abhyanga(Localised massage)
i    Hasta abhyanga (Hand massage)
i    Pada abhyanga (Foot massage)
i    Back massage
i    Ksheera snana
i    Udwarthana (Powder massage)
i    Greeva Basti
i    Kati Basti
i    Janu Basti
i    Patra panda sweda
i    Shastika shaali pinda sweda
i    Ishtika sweda
i    Valuka sweda
i    Akshi Tarpana
i    Dashanga lepa
i    Shiro Dhara